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The Lord is My ShepherdNew 7/52 Bible Study for Children

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   Bible Bookmarks as a way of sharing the good news of God and Jesus:

Welcome to BibleBookmark.com!

Bookmark Gallery - Click on Pictures Below

Bible lessons for children Footprints in the sand As a grain of mustard seed Jesus is Risen Last words of Jesus on the cross Seek First the Kingdom of God Unto Us A Child Is Born God is Able... The God of All Comfort Joshua 24 - We will Serve the Lord The Gift of God God show his love for us Repent and Be Baptized Sons of God through Faith He who believes and is baptized Enter by the narrow gate Go ye into all the world... For God so loved the world I declare unto you the gospel Faith comes from Faith Is The Lord is My Shepherd God is Spirit Love The Ten Commandments God answers the sinner's prayer Jesus' Family Tree When Jesus Comes Again Christ and the full armor of God Fruit of the Spirit Descriptions of Jesus and His church Jesus Builds His Church In Christ Jesus The Steps to Salvation Grace and Faith The Gospel of Jesus Christ The Books of the Bible November and December Bible Reading Plan September and October Bible Reading Plan July and August Bible Reading Plan May and June Bible Reading Plan March and April Bible Reading Plan January and Februaryl Bible Reading Plan Daily Bible Reading for the Year

Are you looking for words of wisdom, inspiration and instruction to help you in your daily life? 

Are you looking to share the good news of Jesus...and the goods news of God's love with people around you?you?

Often times, we offer people our own words of advice, or tracts or literature from various churches to try to help them in their life.  Bible Bookmarks are a great source of encouragement because they take people directly to God's word to learn Bible passages and Bible subjects that will help them make their lives better...and most importantly to start on a relationship with God that will lead them to eternal life...and a faith that endures unto death.

All of our printed bookmarks are made in the USA.

.Wisdom from above

Features and Benefits

Our Bible bookmarks are long-lasting, colorful and attractive.  But more importantly, they are an inexpensive way to remind people of God's love for us...and God's plan to save us from the sins that each of us commit, and the evil and bad things that are of this world.

Please take time to review our 60+ selections of Bible Bookmarks.  Many are printed bookmarks and we also have a great selection of metal bookmarks (e.g. brass and silver/pewter colored) and other related items.

If you want more information, please email us giftshop@ethought.com