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Bible Bookmarks Are Great As Gift Cards, Gospel Tracts & More!

Did you know that you can use our Bible bookmarks for more than just placeholders for God's holy word? Many of the bookmarks we offer are also great for use as gift cards.

For example, they could be passed out or used as a free offering at local churches, public libraries, nursing homes and just about any business entity that would allow you to display them!


Bookmarks Are Great For Use As Gospel Tracts!

In addition, because of the Gospel message that's printed on most of the card style bookmarks, they could also be used as Gospel tracts.

Think about that for a moment. You offer someone who's a non-Christian a beautiful bookmark that you've picked up for sharing with others, they get a free gift from you that, unlike most Gospel tracts, has a REAL purpose! These are real, high quality bookmarks that can be used for many years.

In other words, rather than just offering a simple Gospel tract, you'd be offering something that isn't so easily discarded once it's been read. That bookmark may not even be read right away, but since it's an actual tangible product, many people won't want to throw it away, because it's wasteful and they would experience a fear of loss of disposing of something that has actual value.

That means that although they may not read it thoroughly at that time, they'll still have multiple opportunities to read it later.

Isn't that exciting? :-)

Some people's natural defense mechanism tends to go up when they're offered Gospel tracts or approached with God's word. However, once they've had it in their possession for awhile they'll gradually become less defensive and more open to reading (and absorbing) what the message has to say.

Think about it. Doesn't that make sense? Of course it does!

We have a wide variety of messages that you can choose from that are perfect for sharing the gospel.

Our best sellers!

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