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Bible Reading Plans

How are you doing with your Bible reading goals? Let's face it: everyone is busy, and studying the Scripture can sometimes become easily pushed aside.

A Bible reading plan can make it easier to stick to your good intentions. Consider some possible plans you could follow:

A Chapter a Day:

In this plan, you start from Genesis and read one chapter a day until you reach the end of Revelation. The strength of this plan is that it is very basic and easy to follow; it will get you to the end of the Bible. Another thing that I like about this plan is that it’s designed to only digest small amounts of information at a time, therefore making it easier to retain and avoiding information overload.

One Chapter a Day from BOTH Old and New Testaments:

If you read one chapter in the Old and New Testaments each day, you will find yourself cycling through the New Testament more frequently than the Old Testament. This is also  a good thing because it also immediately exposes you to Scripture from the New Testament or “New Covenant”. Again, this plan is simple and will gradually get you through the Bible at a manageable pace.

A Psalm a Day, and Proverbs Chapter per Day of the Month:

For example, on the 21st day of the month, read a Psalm and Proverbs chapter 21. This can work well for a season, say for the summer, but you don't want to limit yourself to just two books in the Bible. Look at other Bible reading plans to use as well. A variation of this plan is reading a New Testament chapter a day, plus a Proverbs chapter per day of the month.

Use a Guide for your Bible Reading Plan:

Using a printed guide is an easy way to stay motivated and on target with your Bible reading goals. When you miss a day, you can either choose to catch up on the weekend, or know that you will come back to it the next time around. A guide in the form of a Bible bookmark is great because it will always be at hand when you reach for your Bible.


Daily Bible Verses

It has been estimated that the average person will consume no more than around ten hours of media content each day, whether through work computer screens, television, reading, radio or phone apps. Although the amount of available content is skyrocketing, people can only take in so much every single day.

Since the world is filled with all kinds of useless information trying to stream into our brains every day, why not prioritize the most important information first? Make a plan right now to read and think about Bible verses every day.

A very simple plan could be to open a short New Testament book like Philippians or Colossians, and read a few verses every day until you are finished. The Gospel of Mark is a great place to start reading what Jesus said and did. Maybe you could listen to an audio Bible as you drive to work.

Whatever your plan is, the important thing is to have a plan to take in daily verses of the Bible. You wouldn't ignore eating daily, would you? Daily Bible reading is the best food for the soul.

If you don't know where to start, consider an online email subscription of verses delivered to your inbox every day. Sometimes it is helpful to have a guide to help you get started reading the Bible daily.

While everyone is busy, perhaps if you are too busy to read the Bible daily, then you need to take a personal evaluation of the priorities in your life. This is something that we all must do from time to time in order to make sure that we’re putting the Lord first in our lives. What can you do to make some changes?

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