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Bible Study For Kids - 4 Verses That Can Help Your Children


Bible Study for Kids

As our world continues to fall further into darkness, it is essential for our children to be raised in the Word of God. Teaching them scripture and helping them learn the truth about our wonderful Father is the only way to protect them. Children are incredibly impressionable, so it’s pertinent to show them how to discern between good and evil spirits. Teach them to look at the fruit people are producing in order to know whom is truly for the Lord and whom is trying to lead them in the wrong direction. Teaching our children the Word of God allows us, as parents and followers of Christ, to watch our children blossom in His goodness and faithfulness.

1 Samuel 17 - The story of David and Goliath is a perfect learning experience for children. David saw the evil of the Philistines and knew he couldn’t watch them defile God’s land. He took a stand for what was good and acceptable in God’s eyes and then took action. People often look the other way when the popular opinion doesn’t agree with what is morally right. David stepped out boldly in His name even though he was just a young boy. God protected and enabled David during his battle with Goliath, because he was faithful. Anything is possible with God, even a young boy defeating a large, well-known warrior.

Luke 10:25-37 – The parable of the Good Samaritan is not only one of the most well-known lessons taught by Jesus, but also sets the standard for how a follower of Jesus should live. The most important teaching point of this story is to always help people who cannot help themselves. Always look at people the way Jesus would despite their outward appearance. Not everyone will look, think, or act like you, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love them as well. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated, no matter if it’s your parents, friends, teachers, or the homeless person on the corner. There comes a point in time during most people’s lives when they need a helping hand; be that helping hand to someone else.

Luke 15:15-32 – The parable of the Prodigal Son is a story to which people can relate. There might be times in your life where you turn away from God for a point in time, whether it be knowingly or unknowingly. The son in the story was embarrassed and ashamed to see his father, knowing the wrong he had done. Never be too ashamed to come back to God. He will always accept you with wide open arms. Don’t let your shame and embarrassment keep you from the promises He has for you. You might think that He could never love someone who has made mistakes, but He does. And He keeps no record of those mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, but make sure you admit them and turn away from those ways. Let the love for your Father draw you back to Him, but even closer than before.

1 Timothy 4:12-16 – These verses are essential for not only young children, but new believers. There will be many seasoned believers who will dismiss your thoughts or beliefs on certain topics. Do not take this to heart. They might be seasoned and not acting like God commanded, so show them. Be the refresher they need by acting, speaking, and being everything that God wants His followers to be. Stay rooted in His word and use the amazing gifts He blesses you with as a way to reach other people. Do not waste something as beautiful as a gift that He has chosen specifically for you. Instead, learn how to develop and control that gift so that He may use you in any situation deemed necessary. Be a vessel for God.

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