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My kids have been learning the books of the Bible, and as I listen to them recite, I’m reminded that many times as I’ve slogged through the list by memory, I always get tangled up in those minor prophets. Those New Testament books that end in “ians” are a stumbling point as well. So, as much as I hate to admit it, I need to look at a list, and I need to look at it quite often.

I know a guy who can recite all the books of the Bible in less than 30 seconds, but I’d bet that he still gets Amos and Obadiah out of order sometimes. (Or is it Obadiah first, then Amos?) I’m pretty sure my brain just doesn’t work as fast as his. Even if could say them that quickly, I’d still be needing my Bible book list. I find that having the list in a handy form is helpful for the Bible student. One of the best forms of the Bible Books for me is a bookmark, because I have lots of books. Bookmarks help the Bible student remember the most helpful information quickly.

A Bible student isn’t just a kid or a young adult attending a Bible college. Every Christian should be a Bible student. As a Christian, I am first of all a Bible student. Having a few books laying around on your desk is a healthy sign for a Bible student. As I’m fumbling through finding Galatians, (or is Philippians first?) I find myself using one of the most essential and useful tools, the Books of the Bible Bookmark. Like every carpenter has a hammer, and every mechanic has a wrench, every Bible student has a written list of the books of the Bible.

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Printed Bible Bookmarks

I went to the store the other day to get a birthday card for a church member, and I was a little stunned by how many options there were. The choices ranged from the funny cards to the serious cards. Usually, the silly cards have goofy pictures on them, and the serious cards have glorious, flowing script. Looking at the cheesy inspirational cards, I wondered, “who writes this stuff?”

I tend to stay away from the serious cards because they have such ridiculous things written in them that they seem funny to me. Why give a card to someone with words that are empty and weightless? I might as well give them a card with a googly-eyed dog on it. Now, I hate to admit it, but I really didn’t want to wade through all the corny cards that are supposed to be serious.

If I want to give a card with a serious message, maybe I should look for cards that have the best words ever written. Cards with Bible verses have timeless significance. No matter the occasion, Bible verse cards are relevant and meaningful. What better words are there than the very words of God to encourage, inspire, or show appreciation? With Bible verse cards, all I need to do is sign it. What else could I say?

When I left the store that day, I left with the first card I picked up, a noisy silly card, because I didn’t want to wade through the worthless stuff. It’s funny that I thought a singing card with a goofy picture on it was less annoying than a wishy-washy motivational message in lovely script.

I really need to order my cards with Bible verses to have on hand, so I don’t have to go to the store and try to find the rare jewel among all the ho-hum. How about you?

Visit our store today!

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