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Daily Bible Reading Schedule For Year - Just Follow These Scriptures!

Bible in a year

Daily Bible Reading Schedule For Year

Have you read the entire Bible yet from front to back? I'm talking from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelation 22:21?

If not, then you, like many others, understand what a daunting task reading the Bible can be. I recall having a relative recommend that I read the "Amplified Bible" to start out with, which I did. For anyone who's not aware, that version has many detailed explanations of scripture within the content, making it very informative, but also VERY challenging to read.  I don't recommend that you try it if it's your first time, as it was quite intimidating.

Ask an Elder, your Pulpit Minister, family member or friend for advice on which Bible to start with. The New American Standard (NASB) and New International Version (NIV) are both popular.


The Biggest Thing You Need To Understand Before Reading The Bible

One very big takeaway that I got from reading the Amplified version first was that although I started out like gangbusters, determined to "get through it" as quickly as possible, I soon learned that it was more important to put an emphasis on trying to understand what I was reading.

I found myself tired at times and easily distracted at others, but when I had those days I'd force myself to go back and read what I'd read again. After all, what's the point of reading if you're not going to try to get something out of it, right? I certainly wouldn't want to miss anything if I were reading a novel. How could I treat God's Holy word as less important? The answer is simple...I couldn't, and I recommend that you don't either.


Think of Bible Reading As A Journey

God willing, our days on this Earth will be many and the first time reading the Bible will only be the first of many. Instead of being intimidated by it, try looking at it as the beginning of a journey, a journey that you'll be taking several times throughout your entire life until the day that you're called home to be with the Lord.

The knowledge that you gain by reading, and studying, the Bible will become a part of your everyday existence. Hopefully, you'll use this knowledge to live your life according to His will and to share it freely with others, while encouraging them to begin a Bible reading journey of their own.

Just imagine sitting down with your family and studying God's word together, sharing the Holy scriptures with them and encouraging each other in your daily lives to strive to become more like Jesus.

What a wonderful blessing God has given us!

But the journey only begins once you've opened your Bible and made that commitment. Not only to yourself, but also to the Lord and to your loved ones.

That being said, why not let your journey begin today? :-)

You can find Bible cards that have a complete Bible in a year schedule by visiting the link below today!

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