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Gifts of the Spirit


Are The Gifts of the Spirit Still Relevant in Today's World?

Gifts of the Spirit can be a highly debated topic. Some Christians do not believe these gifts are still given today and some Ministers don’t teach on this topic. However, the gifts of the Spirit are referenced multiple times in the Bible. For it to be mentioned once is truth, and anything more than that means a point is being made. A ‘gift’, in this sense, is a talent God gives each person for the building of His kingdom. We will break down how you receive your gifts and explain each gift.


Baptism by the Holy Spirit

This is a topic that referenced in the Bible. In Matthew 3:11, John the Baptist tells the people that a man after him will baptize them by the Holy Spirit, but John can only baptize them by water. The only way you will receive your gift is through this baptism. The Holy Spirit settles in you and provides you with a new way of life. However, water baptism is still necessary for salvation.


Words of Knowledge

Knowledge is the desire to understand anything and everything around you. God will impart these bits of knowledge when reading the Bible or in everyday situations. There are times when we know or understand certain things that we may have never known before. Example, the understanding of a piece of scripture that may have alluded you beforehand. Words of knowledge and words of wisdom usually coexist in order to have a deeper understanding of either the Bible, the things around you, or the people around you.

Words of Wisdom

You will often hear Christians tell others to ask for wisdom and knowledge when reading the Bible. These two co-exist with each other. Knowledge gives you a basic understanding, but wisdom gives you the deeper meaning. You can be reading the Bible and have knowledge for what it means, but then a new meaning arises that touches your heart. This gift works not only when you are reading the Bible, but also in everyday life. Wisdom deals with the more emotional front. When someone you love deeply criticizes you and you have no idea how to handle it, wisdom takes over and guides you down the right path.


This is a direct communication from God for current or future situations. In Daniel 5, Belshazzar the king commanded Daniel to interpret a picture that appeared on his wall. Daniel interpreted the picture, which was placed there by God, with the words God gave him. Not only did he tell Belshazzar the meaning of the picture, but he also interpreted the words and the meanings behind them. He told Belshazzar that his days as king were numbered by God. That night, Belshazzar was killed. Prophecy can also appear through dreams.

Joseph had a dream that he was being bowed before, but he was just the son of a shepherd. Later on in his life, Joseph’s brothers bowed before him in order to get their share of grain. This dream was a foretelling of what was to happen in the future. In cases like Joseph’s, it is incredibly important to ask God for wisdom and understanding as to what the dream meant.


Gift of Faith

All believers have faith to some degree or another, but this is different. This faith is given directly from God in order for you to believe that He can use you for all things. Healing the sick or the injured is something that Jesus and the disciples did frequently in the Bible. Although few people have seen miracles of God for many years, God gave Jesus’ Disciples the faith needed in order to make the healing happen. He wants His children well and commands us to do this work in order to spread the word of God. This is known as “The Great Commission”.


Gifts of Healing

As referenced above, most people don’t believe faith healing is possible today, because Jesus performed them in the Bible and not much has been said about them in recent times. However, healing can happen through prayer if we believe in the power of the name of Jesus Christ and know that He can remove all sickness and disease.


Working of Miracles

Demons can (and will) tempt people in order to move their focus away from God. They will also use the host to turn others away from God. Satan hates us! He hates us because God loves us and he knows that the only way he can get back at the Lord is by taking as many of us with him into eternal punishment as possible. He can achieve this by constantly tempting God’s followers.

Jesus cast demons out of many people in the Bible. The miracles witnessed by his followers were too numerous to count. Just be aware that no matter what the situation, all things are possible with God.



This gift is incredibly important for everyday life. Discernment is the ability to determine whether the spirit of whomever you are interacting with is in order to know if the spirit is truly good or evil. The Holy Spirit will give you clarification and an understanding of which spirit you are interacting with.

Scripture warns of false prophets appearing and discernment is the only way to know the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet.  A good rule of thumb when placed in these situations is to ask yourself “what would Jesus do?” Also, "is it morally, spiritually, legally, etc acceptable?" The Holy Spirit would never tell you to do something that's  unGodly!


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