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The 3 Essential Periods of the Bible

The 3 Essential Periods of The Bible Explained

As a new believer, the Bible can seem very overwhelming at times. It’s a massive book full of essential information provided to us by God. So how are we supposed to read and remember every single word or commandment that God gave us? Well, we are here to help. Let’s break down the Bible into three essential stages.

Faith and Righteousness

Faith and righteousness is a common theme in the beginning of the Bible, during the time of Abraham, or first known as Abram. Abraham was known for his righteousness in the eyes of God, which made him one of the most important father figures in the Bible.

Abraham believed God’s promise that He would provide him with a son even though he was 99 years old and his wife was barren. God kept His covenant with Abraham and continually blessed his descendants.

One of Abraham’s descendants was named Joseph. He was the son of Isaac and favored highly over his brothers by his father. His brothers became jealous and sold him into slavery to the Egyptians while telling their father that Joseph was dead.

God was with Joseph and provided him knowledge and wisdom to save him from imprisonment. Joseph used this knowledge and wisdom to rise in the ranks of Pharaoh’s household. He came full circle when his brothers had to come beg Joseph for food due to famine.

There was no basis in these times to know how to correctly live; there was only the voice of God. Each person during this time heard His voice and obeyed His commands. They were saved by their faith and righteousness.

The Law of Moses - The 10 Commandments

Moses was second man in scripture that was highly favored due to his obedience. God was with Moses as well and tasked with removing His people from the slavery they suffered in Egypt.

God gave Moses every word to speak, told him where to go, and what to do. Moses followed God’s word, but Pharaoh did not. God made Pharaoh and the Egyptians suffer for his stubbornness and refusal to obey His word.

Moses was finally allowed to take the Israelites out of Egypt, but Pharaoh was angry and chased them. When they came upon the Red Sea, the Israelites realized they were trapped. But God had another plan. He told Moses to put his staff in the water and the sea would part. Moses obeyed and God was faithful.

As they traveled, they came to a place called Mount Sinai and God commanded Moses to climb it so He could reveal the laws which He required people to abide by. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, thus being called the laws of Moses.

The New Covenant - The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

God saw the evil of man soon after He created the world, but even after the days of Noah, He saw the evil again later on in the Bible. He had made a covenant that He would never flood the world again, so He made a new plan. He recognized that people needed to be saved from evil. With this in mind, He made Jesus become flesh and sent Him with a singular purpose.

Jesus would die on the cross to save all people, those in that time and everyone to come. Through the grace and mercy of this sacrifice, the bonds of the former laws were broken and Satan was defeated.

Everything changed after the death and resurrection of Christ. You were no longer saved through faith and righteousness like in Abraham’s time, you were given eternal life through the belief that Jesus is the son of God, and you are forgiven for your sins as long as you repent.

The Ten Commandments were essential during Moses’ time, because there was no other way to be saved. God had now created another and more dependable way to be saved.

Nothing can separate us from the sacrifice that Jesus made. This was God’s ultimate sign of love and a promise for eternal life for all those who recognize this fact, are baptised and obey him unto death.

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