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Types of Rustic Signs - Wooden, Burlap, Inspirational

Nothing inspires a warm, welcoming feeling more than rustic signs and inspirational décor. The cheerful sight of authentic wood or burlap gives you a break from the cold, harsh, neon-lit modern world, and allows you to connect with cozier climates.

You can find these made of a wide selection of materials and inscription methods. Each combination inspires its own mood and atmosphere, so choose from your heart as well as your eyes.

Wooden Signs

These are great for both indoors and outdoors purposes. Welcome people in, display directions, and even offer inspirational quotes in select niches of your house with a touch of the rural.

The material is one of the most important factors when choosing a wooden sign. For indoor purposes, choose butternut, cherry, mahogany, walnut, or similar types. Outdoor signs need to weather humidity and exposure to the sun. Choose oak, redwood, cypress, or red or white cedar and their likes.

Next, choose the inscription method. Your sign may be painted, engraved, router-carved, spray-inked, or burned, to name some. Each method would give it a different feel. Note that not all wood types lend themselves to all inscription methods, and not all inscription methods are equally resilient to weather and humidity.

The inscription itself may be as simple as letters and digits, or as complex as an elaborate carving of scenery. It can be as minimal as a house number, or as rich as an entire inspirational quote. Note how the font used makes a tremendous impact on the overall tone of the sign.

Choose a combination that speaks to your sense of aesthetics as well as fits the purpose of the sign (whether indoors or outdoors).

Burlap Signs

These are great for interior design. The coarse burlap fabric gives an authentic feeling to the sign, and the often black or white inscription stands out in pleasant contrast. Burlap pieces can be sewn together to create banners and other composite pieces. The result is a nice, rustic sign that speaks of homey celebrations or day-to-day life.

Burlap is a cost-effective, pleasant alternative to wood. It can be cut in creative shapes, and painted any color. Due to its coarse texture, don’t expect finely-drawn images with elaborate details, but block fonts and elements often do the work just fine.

Burlap signs are also particularly popular in rustic weddings, whether as seating arrangements, a “Mr. and Mrs.” sign, a “Just Married” banner, and other creative uses.

Welcome & Inspirational Signs

Rustic signs are a great addition to any household, from the countryside to urban. Here are some examples of what they can do for you:

• Announce yourself

Declare your family name with a rural door sign so that people know whose house it is. It will give you a sense of proud ownership every time you come in, too.

• Welcome guests

A wooden “Welcome” sign is a warm invitation to any house, and will let your guests know they’re important to you.Even your family members will feel more welcome at home.

• Put a smile on your face

A witty or clever saying hung in just the right place can make you pause in your daily routine and remember to laugh.The sign itself may have a price, but the smile on your lips will be priceless.


Remind yourself with a well-placed sign to dream big, to reach for the stars, to look beyond the daily strife and remember what you really want in life. Inspiring décor fits in anywhere from your office to your kitchen wall.

• Give meaning

A list of values you believe in is a great addition to any living space. They remind you what you’re living for, what’s important and what’s only fleeting. They also tell your guests and family members who you are deep down, for that extra intimate touch.

• Give happiness

A gift of a sign with a personal message or dedication can give your friend or acquaintance a surge of joy. It shows you’ve put thought into your gift, and that you appreciate them from the bottom of your heart.

Use rustic signs such as wooden signs and burlap signs to make your living or work space more welcoming, cozy, and intimate. You’ll be surprised how it may affect your mood—and that of your family and guests—for the better!


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