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Sunday Is a Special Day for Jesus' Church - Pack of 25 Cards

Sunday Is a Special Day for Jesus' Church - Pack of 25 Cards


This is a pack of 25 bookmarks entitled:  Sunday Is a Special Day for Jesus' Church...  From Luke 24:1-22.  Full color on front side and reverse side (see picture for details).  On the front side, shows why Sunday is so important to Christians:  Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday; it is the day Jesus started His church (49 days from the Sunday He rose from the grave); and the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost.  The reverse side of the card says:  "Very early Sunday morning, the women came to the tomb (grave) where Jesus' body was laid. They brought the sweet-smelling spices they had prepared. A heavy stone had been put in the doorway to close the tomb. But the women found that the stone was rolled away. They went in, but they did not find the Lord Jesus' body...two men (angels) in shining clothes stood beside them...The two men said to the women, Why are you looking for a living person here?...Jesus is not here. He has risen from death!" (Luke 24:1...)  Sunday, is the day Christians meet for worship:  to eat the Lord's supper (communion); sing; pray; read scriptures; give; and encourage one another.  It is called the Lord's Day.


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